Financing and Leasing Options

Fixed Rate Loans:

– Customer owns the vehicle, makes monthly payments, and can take tax benefits such as interest deductions and depreciation.

– No change of ownership at the end of the financing term.

– Customer is responsible for all costs of ownership including insurance, maintenance, and applicable taxes.

– Floating rate loans are also available.


TRAC Lease:

– Our most popular leasing program.

– Tax-oriented lease on qualified motor vehicles and trailers.

– TRAC amount is agreed to by the parties at lease commencement.

– TRAC lease requires an adjustment of rentals at lease termination based on the             amount realized upon sale of the vehicle compared to the TRAC amount.

– In all TRAC leases the lessor is the legal owner of the vehicle for tax purposes. The lessee makes tax deductible rental payments.


Closed End (FMV) Walkaway Leases:

– Customer has no obligation to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term.

– Lessor is the owner of the vehicle for tax purposes, therefor customer makes tax   deductible rental payments.

– At the end of the lease term, the customer may return the vehicle, extend the lease, or purchase the vehicle at fair market value.

Customized Products:

All products can be modified for a specific market or for a customer’s cash and tax
planning needs. The modifications can include special features like skipping payments at
certain times of the year, lowering payment at the start of the lease, or deferred or
graduated payments. Specialized leases like Tax-Exempt leases for state and local
governments are also available.


Financial Package Requirements (For Requests Over $ 50,000)

To expedite your credit review and offer you our most competitive financing, we will need the following financial information:

  1. FYE 2018/2019 and most current 2020 financial statements. Please provide
    corporate tax returns if financials statements are unaudited.
  2. Bank account reference. Current equipment lease or loan references with account
    numbers and phone numbers. Please list any bank that your company has
    loans or leases with.
  3. Background information on your company and breakdown of ownership.
  4. Name and address of your insurance company and vehicle liability amounts.
  5. Equipment specifications.
  6. Signed credit application.

We look forward to working with you on your transaction. Please feel free to contact us toll-free at (888) 320-4233 if you should have any questions or concerns.


Factory Ordering

Our Services Include:

• Factory Direct Fleet Pricing

• Competitive and Flexible Lease or Finance Options

• Nationwide Warranty and Extended Warranty Coverage
• Fleet Service Support

• Specialty Vehicles (Shuttle Buses, Paratransit Vehicles, Step and Cube Vans)

• Alternative Fuel Options including Electric Vehicles

• Complete paint and Graphics Capability

• Nationwide Turn-Key Delivery to Your Locations

• License and Registration

• Vehicle Remarketing Programs

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Our staff will discuss your vehicle needs in-depth and then structure the best possible purchase and finance package to complement your budget.

Call us today for a free consultation. (888) 320-4233